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Liquid Silicone Rubber

Liquid Silicone Rubber
  • Mixed: A, B group were mixed by weight ratio of 1:1, mixed manually or using mixing equipment.
  • Deaeration: the mixture of plastic materials should be vacuum deaeration. Under vacuum, the compound can increase 4-5 times the volume, therefore, defoaming container volume should be large than 4-5 times compound, the compound after a few minutes the volume back to normal, when no air bubbles overflow the surface (about ten minutes) that deaeration end, a small amount of use can be carried out in a vacuum dryer.
  • Forming: The post-bubble off into the mold compound, placed 120 ± 5, about 30 minutes curing: curing temperature and time according to the process conditions.  


  • This series of products using 20KG drum packaging.
  • This series of products should be stored in dry, ventilated shade and prevent rain, sunlight exposure.
  • During the operation to avoid contact with condensation-type silicone rubber curing agent. May cause non-curing compound also amines, sulfur, phosphorus compounds and some metal salts. Should be avoided during use moisture intrusion.
  • This series of products stored for one year, under the action of shear stress (strong mixing) to restore their mobility. Recommended on the container when the first rubber in the mix, then A, B component mix, mix well. Extended re-test qualification can still be used.
  • This series is a non-dangerous goods .