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Amorphous Boron Powder

Amorphous Boron Powder

Product Features: The product is made by applying the gas-phase synthetic powder aided by plasma heating with chemical reaction on the basis of the  self-produced Boron Trichloride gas as the key raw material. 


Fields of application

Rich burning fuel:its powder is,high combustion &118alue,large specific impulse, it is the ideal propellant material.

Aerospace:rocket nozzle material; cruise missile fuel; aerospace alloys material;lithium boron alloys powder;

Military industry:bullet-proof helmet; body armor; protection apron of armored car.

 Milling machines; turning tool; special bearing; special steel used in machinery; of special parts.

Nuclear leak defence material;neutron absorber and neutron counter in nuclear reactor

Electronics:electron admixture; amorphous alloy materials

Chemical:chemical and protective coatings

Special alloys:boron carbide; calcium boride;iron boron; and so on.


Packing: 500g / pack, packed in aluminum foil bags, which attached to a lined bags