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Scandium Oxide

Scandium Oxide
  1. Appearance: white powder

  2. Formula: Sc2O3

  3. Formula weight: 137.91

  4. CAS No.: 12060-08-1

  5. EINECS No.: 235-042-0 

  6. Density: 3.864g/cm3

  7. Melting point:1000

  8. olubility :insoluble in water , soluble in acid

  9. Purity( Sc2O3/ REO): 3N-5N5(99.9%-99.9995%) 
  10. Scandium Oxide is used in electronic industries , laser and superconducting materials ; it’s also used as additive for alloy and all kinds of cathode coating , vapor deposition materials for semiconductor coating ; used to make solid state laser for variable wavelength , television electron gun and metal halide lamp


scandium oxide