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PU Sealant(for automotive)LN-PS202

PU Sealant(for automotive)LN-PS202

LN-PS202 is one component high quality polyurethane sealant for car manufactory and aftermarket, it cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture to form a durable and weathering resistant elastomer.

*One-component formulation, excellent smooth appearance.
*High adhesion strength, modest Hardness after curing.
*Durable and excellent extrudability.
*No sagging, no pollution and corrosion to base material and environment.
*Excellent sealing and adhesion performance, excellent water and aging resistance.
*Can be painted.

STORAGE AND SHELF LIFE l 12 months if stored in its original package, away from direct sunlight and moisture, between +10 ⁰C and +25 ⁰C.