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Acetoxy silicone sealant(Aquarium)

Acetoxy silicone sealant(Aquarium)

Product Description

Aquarium Silicone Sealant Adhesive is a one-part, moisture- curing RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) silicone that cures to a strong, silicone rubber that maintains long-term durability and flexibility.

Application Conditions

Usage temperature between +5 °C and +40 °C. The application temperature of the sealant must be +20 °C - +25 °C. The application at temperatures lower than +5 °C, can only be carried out when connected surfaces are free of condensation, snow and ice. Before filling the aquarium with water, make sure that the sealant has completely cured. After curing, silicone is not toxic for living organisms.


Guaranteed storage time 12 months starting from the date of manufacture if stored in a closed original package in a dry place between +5 °C and +30 °C.