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Antimony trioixde(99.8%)

Antimony trioixde(99.8%)
  1. Usage
  2. Used as a fire retardant in the membranes of plastic industry, the enclosures of electric devices and household electric appliances, such as PVC,PP ,PE ,PS ,ABS,PU ,etc..
    2. Used as filling, covering agents and retardants for rubber, ceramics, enamels, fabrics, and fiber products.
    3. Used as pigments and retardant in oil paint and coating material industry.
    4. Used as retardants in synthetic resin and papers.
    5.Used as catalytic agent in organic synthesis.
  3. Package
  4. Packed in 25 kilograms multiwall paper bags, 40 bags per pallet. Each pallet is stretch wrapped in polythene to prevent shifting of the bags during transit or as customer's requirements.

Sb2O3   99.5%   99.8%
  As (max)   0.1%   350ppm
  Pb (max)   0.1%   425ppm
  Fe (max)   60ppm   40ppm
  Se (max)   30ppm   10ppm
  Average Particle Size   0.3-0.9  μ   0.3-1.0  μ