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Y-Methacryloxylpropyltrimethoxysilane(LN-03B 2530-85-0)

Y-Methacryloxylpropyltrimethoxysilane(LN-03B 2530-85-0)

CAS NO:2530-85-0



Colorless transparent liquid, soluble in acetone, benzene, aether, carbon tetrachloride. Easy hydrolysis.


Boiling Point: 255℃/760mmHg       

Density(25℃)  1.0400±0.0050g/ml

 Refractive index(25℃): 1.429±0.0020    
 Flash point: 88℃  
1. Mainly used in unsaturated polyester composite material to improve the mechanical property, electric property, photic property, especially, greantly improve the wet property of composite material.
 2. Invasive treatment(containing this coupling agent) to glass fibre, can improve the wet mechanical property of glass fibre reinforced composite material.
 3. In wire and cable industry, when used to treat EDPM system stuffed by pottery clay and crosslinked by peroxide, it can improve consumption factor and specific inductance captance.
 4. Used in surface treatment for fumed silica, talc, mica, kaolin to improve adhesion, water -resistance and lower curing temperature.
 5. Polymerize with vinyl acetate and acrylic acid or methyl acrylic acid monomer. These polymers are widely used in coating, adhesive and sealing agent, providing excellent adhesion and durability.
200kg per plastic or iron drum
Easy hydrolysis and condensation to form polysiloxane, easy polymerization under overheat, pH, concentration, Stored in dry and cool place; avoid light. Better to store less than 3 months at 25℃ below.